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Product - startJ
The startJ is a small but very powerful integrated development environment, which provides multiple documentation edit java source code, compile java code to byte code and have below features:
- Reformat your source code to perfect it
- Filter to remove comment or automatically add comment
- Syntax analyses and detects errors in your code
- Highlight color
- Support multiple documentation edit
- Source code compiler
- Automaticly generate C++/Delphi JNI wrapper code
Soon it will support bytecode decompiler and code completion proposal .etc feature.
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. java原代码格式美化整理
. 过滤掉注释或自动添加注释
. 语法分析,检查代码中的错误
. 高量度颜色文法显示
. java代码编译
. 自动产生C++/Delphi JNI调用代码

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